About Us


Inception of Shree Shakti Mandir started in 1990 with a small group of devotees and led by Shri Late Dr. Sumant Patel. The current land was acquired and zoned for Temple. On June 6, 1993 the Temple was officially opened with lots of prayers and “Pran Pratistha “of the deities. In 2018, a major undertaking, to renovate the sanctum while retaining the original Murtis and adding few new ones.

It has evolved from a small Temple to a major place of worship, children’s activities, cultural festivals, kitchen facilities, gated community for homes to reside. In a way, it radiates religious spiritual powers, love between the devotees, promotes teamwork, and gives an aesthetic grace upon entering the Temple.


Our mission is to provide a venue for spiritual, social and educational development at all phases of one’s life, from early childhood, religious activities, all Hindu Religious Festivals, playground and sporting activities from small child to adults. The temple also fosters free food for all year round. Our youth camp is also a major part of our objective to cater to children’s growth.

Temple store provides (sells) all religious items, books, CD‘s, and cooked snacks freshly prepared at the Temple.

Temple also provides catering services with freshly prepared cooked by a Maharaj form India.

Priests services are also part of the Temple mission to perform religious services –perform Pooja at halls, homes. The services include Marriage, Baby Showers, Kathas, New Car Pooja, Babri , Gruh Pravesh, Havan , all nominal charge.

As part of our services, we also provide Shatpindi services for our community.
In addition, Temple’s mission is to give back to our community by organizing Bone Marrow, Health Camps, Volleyball Tournaments, Youth Camps, activities for seniors, celebrating Mothers & Fathers Day.

Our Team

Raj Patel


Bharat (BK) Patel

Vice Chairman

Pravin Master


Nailesh Patel

Vice Secretary

Amish Patel